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What does the C-SAC App do?


Define CSA Checklist

Identifies the 20 questions that can define a comprehensive CSA.


Provide a wide range of responses

Provides specific ranges of answers to each of the 20 Questions … you click on the answer that corresponds most closely to your operations and decisions



Calculates the cumulated score for all 20 Answers and determines the level of compliance as compared to a truly comprehensive CSA

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) has been described as a systematic approach to agricultural development intended to address the related issues of food security and climate change from multiple perspectives, ranging from field operations to national policy.

CSA is meant to:

  1. improve food security and agricultural productivity and
  2. increase the resilience of farming systems to climate change by adaptation, whilst
  3. capturing potential mitigation co-benefits.

CSA's role in Global Climate Adaptation

Global attention continues to be drawn to Climate-Smart Agriculture as one of the approaches to mitigate, or adapt to, Climate Change.

The proliferation of projects claiming to fit the Climate-Smart Agriculture designation has led to a degree of skepticism in some quarters, not least amongst them being the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

In the absence of a truly comprehensive Climate-Smart Agriculture that incorporates an auditing and certification scheme skepticism remains rife. One adaptation or mitigation feature may not be enough to qualify an agricultural operation as being Climate-Smart. Consequently, a more holistic perspective can lead to a determination of the level of compliance with respect to Climate-Smart Agriculture.

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Compliant (C-SAC) Designation

It provides a step-by-step, checklist style, guide to ascribing values to qualitative parameters. C-SAC® provides a holistic perspective based on a structured, qualitative assessment of key components.

C-SAC has been designed to characterize each reviewed project in terms of its level of compliance with respect to CSA. It incorporates major categories of compliance and provides a replicable analysis matrix using scalar approaches to convert qualitative assessments into a numeric compliance scale as shown in

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